“There is one person I have to thank more that anyone else. His name is Erik Lau Kelner and I am proud to call him my weightlifting coach. He didn’t just teach me good technique but also taught me how to train hard. Most people don’t know anything about training hard”.

Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson

2014 CrossFit Games Competitor

“Erik has coached me since I started doing weightlifting in the autumn of 2013. In the beginning my lack of stability and understanding of movements were a big challenge, but Erik built up my confidence and technique with a lot of good cues and a structured way of teaching. In only one year, I had improved my total with nothing less than 40 kilos, qualified for the Nordic championship and obtained a spot on the Danish national weightlifting team. I still use Erik’s methodology when I program my training, and I know that because of him I have developed into a decent weightlifter in this short amount of time.”

Amanda Winther Manfeld Simonsen

“In my many years of training karate I’ve always been surrounded by great coaches and mentors. However, the first year and a half I did Crossfit I never had people like that around me. That was until I met Erik. We trained together for a week in Singapore and I learned a lot in a short amount of time. First and foremost, Erik taught me things that I could work on when training alone such as certain technical cues and how to structure my training. As a result, my weightlifting kept improving even though we didn’t train together for 6 months. A year later my total had gone up by almost 50 kilos.


However, the most important thing Erik taught me is not in regard to any structural or technical matter. It’s the mental game. In Singapore we created the term “Bulgarian”. A token that has come to symbolize the mental aspect of weightlifting or training in general. To go “Bulgarian” is a simple approach that helps eliminate bad excuses and lack of focus, while emphasizing the importance of not only training hard but also smart. Simply put, it’s the idea of not being a pussy.”

Mike Bjerregaard

“Coach, Mentor, Friend. Erik has played a huge role in my development as an athlete on and off the grind. He has a tremendous ability to correct bad movements into correct, consistent, and efficient movements. Most important of all: Erik has the capacity to encourage you, and to make you believe that nothing is impossible.”

André Houdet

“When Erik was kind enough to give me some online coaching I was more than happy. He gave me some great technical input on my lifts, which helped me improve faster. He also shared some of his ideas when it comes to programming, which I loved. Erik is good at explaining things in a understandable way and there’s no doubt he has a big pool of knowledge when it comes to weightlifting.”

David Carlsson

14th at the 2014 European Regionals

“Erik is a great coach with very simple and effective methods that apply not only to weightlifting but also to CrossFit. If anyone has the chance to work with Erik in the future I would highly recommend it!”

Phil Hesketh

2nd at the Asian Regionals 2014, 1st place at the The Athlete Games 2015

“Erik has coached me in Olympic weightlifting both remotely and in person. What I find great about Erik is his focus on how to integrate weightlifting into Crossfit such as how to perform touch and go reps and high volume instead of traditional weightlifting, as we normally know it. That has been very beneficial for me and I haven’t found that in any other place!”

Rasmus Wisbech Andersen

2014 Crossfit Games team winner, Top 10 worldwide in the Open 2015

“Erik is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated weightlifting coaches I have come across. He has a thorough understanding of the subtle technical nuances that make a great difference for beginners as well as advanced CrossFit athletes. As Erik’s colleague, I can highly recommend him if efficiency with a barbell is your goal!”

Thor Wowk Larsen

CEO of Fitbird, Eurosports Danish weightlifting commentator and correspondent

“Erik and the Weightlifting 101 camps have been a great supplement to my training regime! I have participated in four Weightlifting 101 camps now, including 2 Elite camps in Iceland. I love the structure and the training mentality so much that I will be running multiple camps at CrossFit JST in 2015 and the future. The best thing about the camps is the amount of high quality repetitions you will execute, with every rep under the watchful eye of Erik. He has a great training mentality and makes you work hard, you leave the camps feeling like you can move a barbell much more efficiently… which is very important in CrossFit!”

Steven Fawcett